The Internationally Educated Physicians (IEP) module aims to help graduates from medical schools outside of Canada determine which UGME module(s) they may explore further to address gaps in knowledge and which module(s) they may wish to simply review.

This module will curate the UGME curriculum, which includes the following:

Topic 1: the public health perspective
Topic 2: core concepts in pain
Topic 3: core concepts in the management of chronic pain
Topic 4: pathophysiology of pain and pharmacology of opioids
Topic 5: opioid prescribing
Topic 6: opioid stewardship in palliative care
Topic 7: safe storage and proper disposal of opioids
Topic 8: recognizing opioid use disorder
Topic 9: management of opioid use disorder
Topic 10: cultural considerations, legalities, and enhancing competence

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